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Any aesthetic plastic surgery procedure has some risks and we want to avoid complications as much as possible. We need your collaboration to make sure your surgery will be a complete success.

  • You must provide information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, latex allergy, medical treatments you have received, previous surgeries and
  • medications that you currently take.
  • Discontinue using Aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs that thin the blood.
  • Stop smoking two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery.
  • Don’t drink alcohol for one week before and two weeks after the surgery.
  • Arrange for someone to take you home and take care of you for at least the first day.
  • Follow the specific postoperative instructions carefully.
  • We believe that a successful surgery requires a full collaboration between the patient and the surgeon. We count on you!

In case of emergency

Safety is our first priority. Our team can respond to any medical emergency with the best possible equipment and we are affiliated with a major hospital center. We will take every precaution necessary to reduce the possibility of any complications. You will be able to join directly Dr Larocque if you have any concern.

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